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Engagement rings 50% - 70% below retail!  View our huge selection of diamond engagement rings and you can order any of them in white gold, yellow or platinum.  All at incredible savings.
We carry a huge selection of engagement rings, anniversary bands, wedding bands and cocktail rings.

What is White Gold?
  White gold  is either 14K or 18K.  When gold is mined it is always yellow.  It does not look the yellow color in jewelry that we are used to.  It is VERY dark yellow.  Then the gold is alloyed (mixed) with other materials to lighten the color (to make it look nice), and more practical for jewelry (not brittle or too flexible).
 Pure gold is 24K.  So 14K gold, whether white or yellow is 14/24ths pure gold (58%) and the rest (42%) alloy.  18K is 18/24ths (75%) pure gold and the rest (25%) alloy.
  Since pure gold is VERY yellow, in order to make it look white we alloy it with only white alloy like palladium and nickel.  This will make it appear white.  However, white gold is still not pure white.  Because gold is very yellow, even using only white alloy, it will still have a slight yellow cast.
  To compensate for this, we rhodium plate all our white gold rings, so when you receive it, your ring will be brilliant white and shiny.
  Call and speak with one of our experts with questions or to help you choose the perfect setting!

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