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*all rings are made to order.
*rings can be ordered with or with *rings can be ordered in white gold yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.
*you can choose your own center diamond.
*custom orders are accepted.

Houston Diamond Outlet is a second generation diamond jeweler.
We have attributed much of our ongoing success to hands on customer service and professional approach.  Our main goal is customer satisfaction.  Here is a couple of  testimonials from our customers as to their experience with us.

We have also been awarded the "top service"  award from yahoo.com shopping section.  This rates vendors by responses from buyers.  To earn this award a company must receive 100% EXCELLENT RATINGS.  5 out of 5 stars!

We have been swamped with testimonials so much, that we cannot keep up with them.  We appreciate everyone's response and will try and update them periodically.
Thanks to all that responded.

Dear Jay,
I cannot tell you how thrilled my husband and I were when we received my ring and matching band today!!  When I saw a similar ring in a jewelry store about a month ago for 25k I never thought I would be able to get a ring like it.  Call it luck, or call it fate, I found your website during a search.  I called and let you know exactly what I had hoped for.  The next day, you had a couple of center diamonds for me to choose from, and you were ready to go.  You created the most beautiful three-stone oval diamond ring with a 1.72 carat center yellow diamond, and two 0.5 carat white diamonds on each side, in a platinum antique style setting, with a matching band...  for less than half of what they wanted at the jewelry store for smaller diamonds!!!  I am so thrilled, the ring is stunning and I will go nowhere else for jewlery ever again.  I have already passed your name on to my friends and hope to make you a household name in our area.  Thank you for your time and patience working with me on this and thank you for making me the ring I have always dreamed about!!
Stephanie Dunbar

Jay, Matt received the ring yesterday morning bright and early and gave it to me yesterday evening after work. We are both very pleased with the ring. It is gorgeous. The diamond is stunning and we are overwhelmed by your generosity for the upgrade. We can't thank you enough.
Getting engaged is an important event and receiving a ring that you will wear from "this day forward" is so much more special when you're wearing a ring that is both beautiful, and unique. I can't stop looking at it! It was worth the wait!
We will be glad to compose a testimonial for you and we thank you so much for being patient with us. We will definitely reccomend your website and company to others who are in the market for great quality and affordable diamonds.  
You have been a pleasure to work with.

     Hi!  My name is Tiffany and I got my engagement ring December 20th, 2004 .  I am totally and completely amazed.  Thank you so much for cooperating with Jason to help make this gorgeous ring.  I absolutely love it.  The diamonds and design are perfect and more than I could have ever imagined!!  The ring is beautiful and I could not have asked for a more perfect ring.  It is the ring of my dreams!  I am sure we will be getting in touch with you so that you can help design the wedding band as well.:)  FABULOUS JOB!!  Thank you so much for all your help!!!                       ~Tiffany~

Hi Jay,
    i recieved my ring order just the other day, and am THRILLED to death about it.  Thank  you so much for your help in getting this ring to me...it is beautiful, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!
amy - New Jersey

To all who are researching the purchase of a diamond: Let me wholeheartedly recommend Jay, at Maggy's Top Diamond (www.to-diamonds.com). I spoke with him over the phone (877.683.8181), and he was very courteous, quite knowledgeable, and wonderfully price-conscious. I told him my budget, and we discussed three different diamond rings that were far below what I was willing to pay. Only at my urging did Jay finally consider my entire budget, and the ring he delivered is spectacularly beautiful. Not only that, but at my request, the piece came very quickly - I placed my order on Wednesday and had the ring the following Monday. When I received it, I brought it and its accompanying diamond certificate to a local jeweler to have the ring appraised. The women behind the counter were stunned by its beauty. Upon examining the ring's diamond (with an electronic diamond tester, a size chart, and a loupe) and the certificate closely, the appraiser said, "this diamond is exactly what they told you it is." She then estimated the ring's value at 1.4 to 1.6 times more than Jay's price. When I told her what I had paid, she nodded her head and said, "You did good." My (now) fiancée loves the ring, and I love how it looks on her hand! Jay's considerate attention made a pleasure out of the headache-inducing task of finding a quality diamond, and I will definitely return to him when next I need fine jewelry. I hope you consider this website and its wonderful proprietors. C.M. New York, NY

Dear Jay,

When I started looking for a diamond ring I got very surprised by the huge difference of prices  you can find from one jeweler to the other. Then I started searching online and found www.to-diamonds.com on Yahoo shopping. I could not believe that you had the ring I was looking for, at about half the price I had seen it ANY place else (I had been looking for more than a month). I remember calling you and asking you tons of questions!! You very kindly gave me all the information I needed about the quality of the diamond and the certificate of authenticity; I must admit that despite all this I was still anxious to see it for real. I got my package this morning and the ring is beyond all my expectations!! It is so beautiful and the diamonds are just wonderful. You really made my day!! I will definately come back to you to purchase more diamond jewelry, there is no doubt for me that Maggy's Top Diamond gives the best quality, and above all, the best prices and customer service. I will definitively recommend you to anyone who wants to buy diamond jewelry.

Thanks again for everything!

Best regards,

Catherine Kajoch

Hello Jay,
I received my diamond ring yesterday.  It is even more beautiful than I anticipated.  The diamonds are so white and clean, the hand-engraved, diamond-paved platinum band is exquisite.  The attention to detail is impeccable.  The weight of the band is substantial.  Even the bottom of the setting is nicely finished. The design is exceptional.  I am so thrilled.
I can't believe that I own such a beaufitul ring.   This is the kind of ring, quality- and design-wise that I would expect to buy from Tiffany's for God knows how much more!
Thanks for the best jewelry-shopping experience (online and retail) that I have ever had.
I will contact you next week about redesigning my old wedding ring.  I would like to use the round diamond center stone in a new setting.
Best Regards and Thanks A Million!

Subject: Three Stone Oval Diamond Ring Purchase and Testimonial I was contemplating the purchase of a three stone oval diamond ring set in platinum for my wife who recently gave birth to our son. However, I made the decision late in the Christmas season. I investigated 20 web sites initially based on published diamond quality and price. My process of elimination eventually led me to focus on DiamondsandEngagementRings.com. I called Jay on December 16, 2002 to discuss the diamond quality (4 C's) of the 1.50 carat ring and the platinum design. I made the decision to purchase on December 17, 2002. My second call lasted much longer as I wanted to completely finalize all details and expectations of the purchase. Jay was extremely patient during our 40 minute call. We re-clarified the quality characteristics of the one carat EGL certified center oval stone; especially the "fancy cut" parameters of an oval diamond. In addition, I was asking "what if" questions. In other words, "what if" I increase the matching side stones from quarter carat to one-third carat or modify the clarity? What is the incremental cost? I stated specific quality characteristics and their inventory was able to meet my exact needs. Our discussion resulted in the value purchase of a 1.74 carat three stone oval ring. The one carat center stone was H-VVS2. The matching side stones were extremely complementary at H-SI1. When DiamondsandEngagementRings.com states its 50-70% below Retail, I had to validate that claim. I visited big name, mall based jewelry stores to directly compare specifications. Purchasing from Maggy's Top Diamond provided me, the buyer, maximum flexibility in diamond specifications and value pricing. I saved thousands of dollars as my ring was at least 55-60% less. I requested Jay to send this special package to my in-laws address in North Carolina by Christmas. This was a tight timeline. I appreciated the extra effort to complete this ring and deliver during the busy holiday season. The support staff even contacted my father-in-law and informed him that the ring would be delivered faster than their normal timeframes. Maggy's Top Diamond did a great job end to end on this sale. My wife was totally surprised and loves this special meaning ring. Anyone who has seen the ring is astounded by its design and beauty. I need to say thank you to Jay and his support staff for their sales patience, suggestions, flexibility, and ability to listen to the customer. This group is responsible for the beautiful and stunning three stone diamond ring my wife received. This was one of my best purchasing decisions! Jim Dallas, Texas


i just returned home after going to the independent appraiser recommended by my friend.  i cannot tell you how surprised and satisfied i was after leaving there.  i received my ring from you yesterday...#106 with a .70 princess cut and matching trillions....i purchased the ring for just under $3000, you gave me a "appraisal" for $5500.00 and this gemologist and certified appraisal handed me an appriasal for 8100.00.  i am truly amazed. her comment was that the diamonds you hand chose for my ring were truly exceptional and that you must be very good at what you do.  i agree.  i have referred to you nate and laura (friends of mine looking for a tennis bracelet) and also another friend who may be getting married.  i will continue to refer people to you as i am truly amazed by the quality i got for the price.
thank you jay
nancy hamlin
centennial, colorado

Finding a three stone platinum ring for a good price was impossible in my
local area, so I decided to look online - and I'm glad I did!  "Maggy's
Top-Diamond" provided an outstanding 3 stone platinum ring for an even
better price.  Hesitant at first buying over the internet and in another
country - I decided to take the chance.  After a speedy delivery, I had the
ring appraised locally for approximately twice what I paid - even with the
exchange rate.

G. Robertson
Ontario, Canada

Maureen Combs - Crown Point, IN   
Jim Weston - Macon, GA      
Kenneth Callaway - Leipsic, OH     

To: <mail@todiamonds.com>
Subject: Testimonial - AMAZING COMPANY!

Just wanted to thank you for the impressive customer service and the fantastic bargain on our engagement ring.  Jay was very helpful in selecting the three diamonds for this ring; he answered our unending questions with humor and charm.  Best of all, the ring appraised for over $8,000 - more than twice what we paid, and nearly $3,000 more than the guaranteed appraisal amount.  I challenge anyone to walk into a mall store and get that kind of deal!
Thanks again for a treasure that will last a lifetime.
Michelle Myer & Ralph Smith
Dearborn, Michigan

Subject: testimonial

Jay, I just wanted to add my own testimonial from a bride's point of view. My
fiance was having a very hard time finding a ring for me, he hates to shop
and he also knows that I have very distinct taste. He asked me to go out and
look around and see what I liked so he'd have a better idea of what I wanted.
(I know, sounds so romantic....) I went to 3 San Antonio retailers known for
their "great values" and got an idea of what stone I wanted, but found their
prices high and quality & amount of inventory lacking. Our friends had bought
online, so I decided to give it a try. Your site has the most beautiful
designs I'd seen and after looking into many online retailers, I was very
confident that your prices were a value. I found several gorgeous rings, but
had a favorite. I showed my fiance all three and he picked out my favorite.
It was as easy as that. We were very nervous and anxious to receive the ring,
but when it arrived, we couldn't believe how beautiful and brilliant it was.
Definitely exceeded our expectations. I had the ring appraise the day after I
got it and the jeweler said it was worth twice what we paid. I don't think we
could have found a more perfect ring for the price we paid or could have
found something this unique.  People notice my ring frequently and comment on
how beautiful and unique it is. I also find myself staring at my ring-it
flashes at me in the sunlight when I'm driving around town and have to remind
myself to watch the road!
Erinn Tyler
San Antonio, TX
(210)xxx-xxxx or  (210) xxx-xxxx  (taken out by editor)



Hi-- you mentioned that you would appreciate testimonials, so here it goes:

I didn't know much about buying a diamond ring, but after researching the
topic I figured out the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight I wanted, I
began looking around at web sites.  I found some diamonds in my price range
at Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com  so I called them up.  I talked with Jay about what
I was looking for and he helped me find a diamond.  He said he had a
beautiful diamond that was at a great price because it had a small flaw,
but that flaw would be easy to hide and that it really was a beautiful
stone.  Well, I agreed to buy it but must have been unconvinced because I
called him over and over again with questions about the ring and the
diamond.  At the last minute, I decided to buy a more expensive diamond
that was a little larger and had a better clarity rating.  But Jay talked
me out of it, saying that it really wasn't worth the extra money, and that
the diamond he had for me would be the best deal-- imagine, him turning
down a bigger sale!  Any ways, I got the diamond and it really is beautiful
and my fiance loves it and so does everyone else.  Thanks so much for your

Bob Correll

Thanks Jay!

Mark Barron - Aventura, FL   Michael Amesly - Bedford, NH 
Brent Normsman - Kenersville, NC 
Alex Murphy - Sunbury, PA  

Subject: Re: YOUR RING!
To: mail@mail.todiamonds.com

Dear Jay,
      First and foremost, I wish to thank you for your outstanding advice
and superb service.  The diamond engagement ring, matching wedding ring and
matching earrings are absolutely gorgeous (They could not have been a bigger
hit with my lady).  Having read other testimonials concerning your diamond
Internet service, please feel free to add mine to the list and from this
point forward I'm writing to the perspective diamond ring purchaser - OK :-).
Dear Perspective Diamond Purchaser:
      Like you, I went to many local diamond retailers (I live in the
Austin, Texas area) and I came to the conclusion that the diamond engagement
ring I wanted was going to cost me well over $10,000.  I then searched the
Internet.  After getting past all the diamond "wholesalers," I settled at
Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com  because, stone for stone 
(i.e., quality, clarity, size, cut, etc.)
Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com  was priced better than any other diamond 
dealer (Yes, I spent many hours and a few weeks on the Internet and I looked at almost every
web site that advertised diamond engagement rings).  Having done my
"homework" I then called  and spoke to Jay.  After listening to me
describe the engagement ring I wanted, Jay made it absolutely clear that it
was not necessary for me to spend as much as I was prepared to spend in order
to get the quality, brilliance and clarity I desired (Please read carefully
what I'm saying hear because this is
the crux of my testimonial).  
Effectively, Jay got me EXACTLY what I wanted for about $3000 below what I
was prepared to spend . . . and Jay knew, throughout our conversations, that
I was willing to spend it.  The ring is gorgeous . . . and as testimony to my
satisfaction, I have subsequently purchased a wedding band with matching
diamonds, matching earrings and my own plain gold wedding ring.  The beauty
of buying the second, third and forth item from Jay is that there is no
longer a need for me to shop around . . . DIAMONDS AND ENGAGEMENT RINGS
Ed Simmons, Austin Texas.
P.S.  If you don't believe this testimonial is real, feel free to send me an
email at moonsimm@aol.com or call me at (512) ***-****(taken out by editor)  and I'll answer your questions . . . and in case your wondering, I've never met Jay face-to-face .. . in fact, I've never set eyes on him . . . and no, I'm not a family
member, nor a family friend, nor a friend-of-a-friend, etc . . . I'm just a
very satisfied customer.!

Ed Simmons

From: mbosch36@calvin.edu  

To: mail@mail.todiamonds.com
Subject: Re: YOUR DIAMOND!


I just wanted to let you know that I am THOROUGHLY impressed with the
engagement ring that you made for me!  Jay, you completely exceeded my
expectations.  The 3/4 ct ring was even more gorgeous than the way you
described it over the phone.

When I compare the ring you created for me to those that I've looked at in
retail stores, there is just no comparison.  In fact, to find a comparable ring
in a retail outlet, I had to look at rings almost three times as much.  And,
most importantly, my "fiance", a very picky girl, was thrilled.   

Thank you so much for everything!  I greatly appreciated your patience and
helpfulness in helping me pick out my engagement ring.  But, more importantly,
I appreciated the stellar ring you delivered.  

If you ever need a reference for one of your future customers, please don't
hesitate to have them contact me.  You can be assured that I will definitely be
sending some of my guy friends your way.



From: JF18 <JF18@swt.edu>  

Subject: Testimonial
To: Mail@todiamonds.com

June 29, 2001
Dear Maggy's Top Diamond:
Thanks for the outstanding ring. We got the 3 stone traditional, and it is
stunning! My fiancee is constantly being complimented on the brilliance of the
diamonds and the elegant beauty of the design. We couldn't be happier with the
In addition to the exquisite quality of the diamond ring, Maggy's Top Diamond
provided exceptional service and a very reasonable price. We have already
given our unqualified recommendation to two other couples who are looking for
engagement rings.
Thank you for helping to make our engagement all that we could hope for it to
John Fleming
Julie Jalil

From: CPace94072@aol.com  

Subject: testimonial
To: mail@todiamonds.com

Dear Jay:

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the beautiful ring you
sent.  It is absolutely fantastic and certainly more than I anticipated.  I
love jewelry and over the years have purchased many nice pieces but none can
compare with yours.  I appreciate your help, good service, honesty and all
the time you spent with me to pick out just the exact ring.  You said you
would guarantee I would like the diamonds, you were wrong I LOVE them.  I
intend to do all of my jewelry shopping with you in the future.

Thank you.

Nell Pace

Ben Hofer - St Pertersburg FL  
Bethany Gautreaux - Baton Rouge, LA   
Tim LaCerra - Maple Shade, NJ 

Subject: Diamond Bracelet
To: mail@todiamonds.com

This has been the best internet experience I have had with such a valuable
item. The quality and workmanship has exceeded my expectations. I would with
no hesitation purchase future items from Jay. Jay was the single most
valuable contact for me. My diamond bracelet is an asset and beautiful
addition to my jewelry wardrobe. Thank you again for all your time and
service, I have greatly appreciated it. Looking forward to working again with
you in the future.  Martha B. Lewis


  Thanks for all your help.  It was a tough decision for me.  I spoke to so many people and everyone was telling me something different.  You explained everything and answered all my questions.  In the end I went with the stone you suggested and I must tell you, you were right!  I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to buying more in the future.  I appreciate all your help.
  Mark Atkins

Subject: THANKS
To: mail@todiamonds.com

I just wanted to thank you for a job well done.  My fiancée was so
thrilled when she opened the box she was crying!  We looked at rings at
our local mall and her expectations were for a 1/2ct solitaire.  When I
got a good quality 1ct for about the same price I knew I couldn't go
Thanks for all your help and patience.  I didn't think buying from the
internet would be this easy.  I will recommend you to all my friends.
Customer for life,
Brad Glynn

Subject: Testimonial for Maggy's
To: <mail@mail.todiamonds.com>
Dear Jay,

The ring was a huge success!!!   I was not sure about making a purchase for
thousands of dollars when I had not seen the product.  I received the ring
with a one day lead time and it looked everything you said it would.
Platinum rings with diamonds are not readily available in retail stores,
but you had exactly what I was looking for in a ring.  My wife loves the
anniversary gift I gave her and that makes me a satisfied customer.

I feel quite certain that I will be ordering from you, again,  by phone or
Email.  Your assessment of my needs and ability to fulfill that need was

Thank You.

A Satisfied Customer,

Tom Brown
Plant Manager
Lincolnton, NC

Dear Jay

The diamond I received from Jay's Website is the most stunning one ever. My heart stood still and I'm still shaking as to how beautiful this lovely 1.02 CT, VVS2 F color diamond. I have been researching for a diamond for the past six to eight months. I have visited countless web sites on as well as visiting local jewelry stores.

On Dec 22, 1999, I placed a diamond with XXXXXXXXX.com. Two months have passed and my order never arrived. I contacted XXXXXXX.com to check on the status of my order.

According the XXXXXXXXX.com Representative, my order has been out of stock. Furthermore, the sales representative told me that my order will arrive to my door in a few weeks but there will be an increase in price. I was upset and very angry. I found the customer support at XXXXXXXXX.com was very poor. I canceled my order with XXXXXXXX.com shortly there after.

In continuing on my search, I found to-diamond's web site. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful and courteous customer support I received. The representative at Jay's web site was helpful answering detail questions I had about my purchase. My field is in accounting. I am very hesitance about purchasing anything on the Internet let alone a diamond purchase. This is my first successful experience purchase on the Internet and I feel you have a customer for life. I will refer all my friends to your site.

Jay, I will send you my weeding pictures in the future.


Lisa N. Lieu

Staff Accountant

To: <mail@mail.todiamonds.com>
Subject: Fabulous Diamond and Superb service...

Honesty and Integrity...  the best words to describe Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com.
I am elated with my diamond engagement ring I purchased.
At first I was apprehensive about buying a diamond over the internet; however,
Jay was WONDERFUL in alleviating all of my fears.
And now that I have the diamond on my finger I can truly say Jay was honest.
The best price and the best quality.
Please do not be afraid to buy over the internet... at least not from Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com!!!
Another satisfied customer................ Lisa.................

To: "'mail@todiamonds.com'" <mail@todiamonds.com>
Subject: Thanks
Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all your help. She was very surprised, and totally excited. The diamond is wonderful, and the setting is perfect. More important, it's nice to do business with a company that's as down to earth as yours. Thanks again.


To: mail@todiamonds.com
Subject: Customer feedback on order engagement-rings-493

To view this order follow this link:

Rating: Excellent
I was impressed by the overall service from this store.  Thank you.

Subject: Re: YOUR RING!
To: mail@mail.todiamonds.com

Jay, my mother said the ring is stunning!  She is
bringing it to me Friday.  She said she took it to a
jewelry store for the appraisal, and it appraised at
$8900, and the jewelry store said they would have sold
it for about $6700.  Thanks for giving me such an
awesome deal.  I am broke but atleast I feel good
about the deal I got. I can't wait to see it, and I
know I can say the same for my girlfriend.  Thanks.
--- jay  

Subject: GREAT RING!
To: <mail@mail.todiamonds.com>

Thanks for the outstanding ring!  I received much faster than I ever thought possible.  Also, the ring exceeded all my expectations.  I wasn't sure about buying over the internet because the price seemed too good to be true.  But, now I know.  I will be recommending you to all my friends!  Thanks Jay!

Brett Butler

Subject: GREAT RING!
To: <mail@mail.todiamonds.com>

I appreciate all your help in choosing this beautiful ring!   My fiance loves it!  Purchasing this ring was a stretch for my budget  and  you really gave much more than I ever thought I could get.  My local stores were at least double the price I got from you.
Thanks for all your help and I will definitely let everyone know what a deal I got!  


To: "'mail@todiamonds.com'" <mail@todiamonds.com>
Subject: Best Servuce - Best Quality - Best Value = Maggy's

To anyone who may be apprehesive about purchasing a diamond engagement ring
from Maggy's I would like to say please don't waste another minute!
My fiance' presented me with my beautiful engagement ring today and I was
brought to tears. The picture on the Net didn't begin to do it justice. We
had shopped here in Tallahassee for over 2 months and no one came close to
showing us a diamond of this size or quality for up to double Maggy's price.
Not only that, the setting is exactly what I had in mind and it shows off my
gorgeous center stone to perfection.

The one thing that made all the difference in making the desision to
purchase from Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com  was a great guy named Jay. 
 He is the best and he really knocked himself out to make sure we got exactly what 
we wanted. He even make a personal trip to pick up a wedding band for my fiance', he
didn't have on hand, in order to make sure our rings were mailed together.
We talked daily for a week and he really listened to our needs.  He is a
"gem" himself.  Thanks Jay.  We'll send you wedding pictures!

Mary & Mike

Subject:  Thanks for the great deal!
To:  Maggy's Top Diamond <Mail@todiamonds.com>

I wanted to thank you for the great deal on my wife's ring.  We saved up for 2 years for this ring and you made our dreams come true!  We never could have gotten a ring as nice as this in Atlanta.  I will tell all my friends not to buy anywhere but with you.
Thanks Again,
Norm and Sally Wallberg

Subject: Thank you
To: Maggy's Top Diamond <Mail@todiamonds.com>
Reply-To: Monica Kraft <kraftm@njc.org>

Dear Jay,  My husband and I would like to thank you for the beautiful diamond.  It is absolutely gorgeous, and we are very happy with it.  It was a pleasure working with you.

Monica Kraft

Subject: Diamond...
To: mail@mail.todiamonds.comJay,
Thank you for your help with this beautiful diamond.  You have been more than
helpful and your prices are better than any I have seen.  It is nice to see
that your company cares and caters to the military overseas.  This diamond is
exactly what I was wanting and I know that my fiance will fall in love with

Thank you again,
Semper Fi (Marine for "Always Faithful")

Mitch Decarro - Houston, TX  

Wayne Buton  Newbury, CT  

Brad Limon Sarasota, FL  

Danielle LaFontaine Ridgewood, NJ  

Tony Delgrasso  Grandview, MI  Dec 

To: mail@mail.todiamonds.com
Subject: Re: YOUR RING!!!!
Happy Happy Holidays!  I received the GORGEOUS ring on Friday, 12/22.  (It got here the day before but I wasn't home to receive it).  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It is stunning.  It really is exactly what I wanted and I am in awe of its brilliance.  Thank you very much for your expertise and enthusiasm.  You are really a pleasure to work with and I am grateful for all the hard work and research you did to make the ring.  I feel so confident in your ability to get the job done and I am already planning my next purchase.  I think my track record is about every six months!  Anyway, I am sure that once I start wearing the ring around after Christmas, I will have referrals coming your way.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  I promise I won't send you any NUTS!  I will be in touch soon and again, I am so happy with the ring.  It is a doozy.  
With aloha, Mary 

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