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Antique Engagement Rings - Three Stone Hand Engraved Ring

Hand engraved rings are those that have actually been detailed by a craftsman. Some rings that are mass produced have an engraving design, but that design is done on the mold. The difference between a hand engraved ring and a cast engraved ring is a whole lot in the details.

For a cast engraved ring, a master ring has been made that may have been hand engraved.  Then, a mold is taken of this ring which deteriorates the quality of the engraving.  Next, wax is forced into the mold. The wax again does not "catch" all the intricacies of the engraving, again, deteriorating the quality of the engraving.
Next, the wax is put into casting. The wax is melted and, what is left of the engraving, has left an impression in the cast.  It is not until now, that metal is forced into the cast mold.  Only the remnance of the engraving is left on the ring.  You can see how so many procedures will minimize the quality of the engraving.  The more procedures the more the engraving is deteriorated.
In our hand engraved ring our ring is cast plain without engraving. The ring is then high polished, the stones are set, and the ring is polished again going over any prongs and marks made by setting. Then, the finished ring is given to our master craftsman, who details the ring by hand. The resulting ring is one of excellence! The workmanship and detail is amazing!
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