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fancy colored diamonds fancy colored diamonds
fancy colored diamonds fancy colored diamonds

fancy colored diamonds

fancy colored diamonds


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About Fancy Colored Diamonds

Most diamonds of value are thought to have a lack of color or colorless but diamonds with strong color, or fancy colored diamonds, are more rare and often more valuable.  Fancy colored diamonds come is many colors such as yellows, reds, pinks, blues, greens, purples and many shades in between.  The rarest are pink and red.

The fancy color in diamonds is produced during the diamond formation from many factors such as impurities , trace elements or radiation affecting the diamonds creation.

How are fancy colored diamonds graded?
Fancy colored diamonds are grades in 2 ways: "hue" and "intensity."  "Hue" is the basic color of the diamond, yellow, blue, green etc.  "Intensity" is the degree to which the color is present. The more intense the color, the rarer and more expensive the diamond.

GIA uses nine categories for fancy colored diamond grades

  1. Faint (L-N)
  2. Very Light (O-V)
  3. Light (W-Z)
  4. Fancy Light (Past Z)
  5. Fancy
  6. Fancy Intense
  7. Fancy Vivid

What about clarity in fancy colored diamonds?
Clarity is not as important a factor in fancy colored diamonds as in white or colorless diamonds.  In fact, many color grading certificates only grade the color of the diamond and not the clarity.
Many times feathers or small crystal inclusions appear the same color as the diamond and don't diminish the coloring of the diamond.  In some circumstances they may create the appearance of more brilliance.  
As long as the diamond is considered "eye clean" to an untrained eye clarity is not as crucial.  However, fancy colored diamonds with clarities of VS or better are more rare and command a higher price. 

Color treatments in fancy colored diamonds
Irradiated diamonds are a common form of treating not so colored diamonds to appear fancy in color.   This is done through irradiation followed by high heat. This process is usually permanent, but  may change is high heat is used during setting or repairs.
Gemesis cultured man made colored diamonds are grown in a laboratory to make them affordable.  Natural diamond of similar color are much more expensive.

How do I choose the right fancy colored diamond?
At Diamonds and Engagement we try to make your diamond buying experience as easy as possible.  The best thing to do is call and speak with one of our fancy colored diamond experts.  We can discuss your budget and options to help you choose the perfect fancy colored diamond.  Since fancy colored diamonds are very rare every piece is unique in itself.  Whether you are buying a $500 ring or a $50,000 ring we understand that ring is special to you.  Our diamonds are all 100% natural untreated diamonds unless you are told otherwise.  Your investment in a natural fancy colored diamond is secure.


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