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Engagement Rings


The right time and the right girl has come.

Finally you bid goodbye to the bachelor life!  Now you are thinking of a diamond engagement ring.

And now... It is time to pop the question! Are you thinking of going down on one knee asking her to marry you in the traditional way that she dreams of?

You have waited for this moment in your life and you are finally set to get her the engagement ring. You want to surprise her in getting that engagement ring she has been dreaming of. But so many diamond rings in the market to choose from, what style, what color she prefers white or yellow gold and so much more. It is said that most women would love to have there engagement ring chosen for them by the man she is going to marry. There is just something to that makes it really special. And of course, you would love to do so.

Have no more worries. Here in Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com we will help you in every step in getting that very important ring in your life and of course the woman who's going to wear it forever.

Choosing the perfect Engagement Ring

Before you even consider looking at rings, here are a few but very important things you need:

  • What ring size does she wear?

  • Does she prefer white gold, yellow gold or platinum?

  • Does she prefer a simple style or do you think she is the type that would like her engagement ring noticed right away?

We suggest you study what type of jewelry she wears, from there you can find out a lot about her taste. If you noticed she likes simple pieces, then we can this is probably a sign that a diamond solitaire may be more appropriate than a flashy engagement ring carrying a cluster of gems.

Be keen in any jewely she admires, especially engagement rings. If she appears to be particularly impressed by a certain ring, make a mental note of the cut and shape of the stone and the color of the gold.

Make sure you get the ring that reflects her personality, it is as precious as her and it is the way you look at her - she will be wearing that ring forever after all!

The cost of an Engagement Ring

By now, you probably know what style she wears... It is time to determine how much you can spend for the ring.

We all know that traditionally, a man is expected to spend at least the equivalent of two month's salary, although a lesser amount is acceptable these days.

There are reasons for this that we are sure you know by now.

  •  The young lady—and, not least, her family—would know that you had made a conscious effort at saving in order to propose to her.

  • By saving for that ring, you show that you are also capable of saving for your future home and family of course.

  • And whatever happens, if the bad times roll, both of you can always have the ring to "pawn" in order to get through. It is a very good investment too.

As most young people no longer live in their parent's homes but have outgoings of their own, unless you're an especially high earner, nobody will expect you to "prove your worth" by spending two months salary on an engagement ring. What is important is that you spend enough to show her just how much she means to you, based on your own personal budget.

Getting her that Engagement Ring

Now you have the style and your ready for the amount to spend with, it's time to go shopping.

It is much easier nowadays shopping around, you can always browse  the internet for the newest styles and so much more. Let Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com make these steps a lot easier for you. 

Before you even go charging into the first jewelry shop you come across, stop for a moment and remember that this is an engagement ring, and this is probably the most important piece of jewelry you will ever ever buy in your life.

Read and memorize the shortcuts for each C that will make you a wary buyer.

  • CLARITY - Clarity refers to the size and number or natural inclusions or imperfections in a natural diamond.  All natural diamonds have some type of imperfections. Most are tiny black carbon spots or thin lines called feathers.  Some diamonds of lower quality have obvious eye visible inclusions.  Diamonds that are considered "eye clean" start at I1 and up.  Even though, by definition, I1 means eye visible inclusions, many good I1 stones have inclusions that are only visible under very close examination under strong light. The best value are those stones that are eye clean but not loop clean.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the organization which sets the worldwide standards for diamonds, set up a scale by which someone like you and me can judge a diamond's clarity. The scale goes like this: flawless, internally flawless, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, I3. Flawless diamonds mean that you can't see any imperfections under 10X magnification, and I3 diamonds are ones where you would see the imperfections. So what does this mean? It means that when you go to the jeweler and ask about a diamond and (s)he tells you its clarity grade, you'll know what you're getting.   Most jewelry retailers insist you get a high quality stone.  In reality, most diamonds don't look much different unless you are looking under magnification.  Even a good I1 quality diamond, while technically imperfect, may clean to the naked eye and unless you look at them under a microscope you may not be able to see the difference.. In fact, in most cases if you looked at a SI2 and VVS1 next to each other after they'd been set in a ring, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. All that matters is the brilliance, shine and sparkle.

  • COLOR - The color of a diamond ranges from colorless to faint color down to light color.  Usually, stones in the nearly colorless range (G-J) are considered white with no appearance of yellow. This range gives you a good value for your money.  These are most popular in engagement ring center stones.

Remember our friends at the Gemological Institute of America? Well, they not only grade clarity, but they also grade color. Here's the scale:

  • DEF=colorless
  • GHIJ=near colorless
  • KLM=faint yellow
  • NOPQR=very light yellow
  • STUVWXYZ=light yellow
  • Fancy light, fancy, fancy internal=yellow
  • CUT - This is not the diamond shape. Shapes include princess cut, oval, emerald cut, radiant cut, marquis, and other fancy shapes.  Cut refers to the proportions and angles the diamond is cut into.  The reason cut is important in your diamond purchase is 2 fold.  First of all, a diamond with an inferior cut may be too shallow or too deep. Shallow diamonds look funny and let the light escape through the sides.  A deep stone may be brilliant but it will appear smaller than a diamond cut to the proper proportions.  So if you buy a 1ct deep cut, it will appear like an 0.80ct or 0.90ct diamond cut properly.
  • CARAT - This is how much the diamond weighs, which in turn determines its size. As cooking has ounces and pounds, and farming has bushels and pecks, diamonds use carats, points, and grains. 1 carat weighs .20 grams. But since diamonds almost never come out in nice round numbers (like 1.00 carat), jewelers use "points." 1 point = 1/100th of a carat, or if you prefer, 1 carat = 100 points. So if a diamond weighs 0.64 carat, you can say with great expertise that it weighs 64 points.

When comparing diamonds, always compare them loose, and not when they're in the ring. It's easier to see imperfections that way and make sure that you don't surprised sometime in the future.   It is always best to deal with an experienced salesperson who can point out the natural imperfections in your diamond.

Your overall goal is to get the best deal for your money.  Diamonds-and-Engagement-Rings.com has been making couples happy with their engagement ring purchases for 2 generations.  Our knowledgeable staff and hand on customer service has awarded us with  an almost zero return rate and an extensive referral business.

Get the best value for your money while getting that engagement ring that will melt her heart.

Once you've procured your chosen engagement ring, then all that remains is that special proposal, that perfect moment and hope that she'll accept the ring as a symbol of the love you feel for her.

Best wishes to you and good shopping!

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