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Platinum is a pure metal, and Diamonds-and-Engagement-Rings.com uses only 95% pure platinum. While 14k gold is only 58% pure gold, and 18k gold is only 75% pure gold, platinum is brilliant white and does not need to be alloyed or plated.  Hence, your contemporary platinum ring will not fade or tarnish and is hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.  
  Platinum is very rare, about 35 times more rare than gold!  It is estimated that if you were to gather all the platinum ever mined, it would fit into an average size living room!  
  Platinum is also heavier than gold.  So the same bridal platinum ring would weight about 1.5 times more in platinum than white gold.  Since it is more dense it is more durable platinum engagement rings tend to holds stones, like pave, more securely than other metals.  
  Call and speak with one of our platinum ring experts with questions or to help you choose the perfect platinum diamond ring.

By buying direct from the manufacturer you can save the huge markup that retailers place on the same merchandise. Typically, you can save 50% - 70% below retail prices!  Plus, everything comes with our money back guarantee so you can order risk free!


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