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  Diamonds and Engagement Rings is a 2nd generation manufacturer of diamond rings and fine diamond jewelry located in the diamond district of Los Angeles.  We have 1000's of available diamond ring designs and we are experts in custom designs.

Until the advent of the internet, our main business was to create and sell custom diamond rings to retail jewelers, who then, sold it at a markup to the retail customer.  Now, through the internet, you can buy your diamond ring direct from us, the manufacturer, and save!  Since typical retail markups are double or even triple, this is the type of saving you can take advantage of!

Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com manufactures diamond ring in all shapes, sizes and categories.  Browse this page for a small sample of some our diamond ring designs.  Then, call us direct to order your diamond ring at a truly remarkable price!

The diamond ring is a remarkable way to celebrate special occasions.  Diamonds have been given as gifts since recorded history.  However, the first diamond ring given to celebrate an engagement was given in the 1500's by Archduke Maximillian to Mary of Burgundy.  The reason the diamond was chosen was not only because of it's beauty but because of its rarity, durability,  and it's symbolism of foreverness. 

Since then the diamond engagement ring has become a custom.  Soon to be husbands buy their future brides a diamond ring to symbolize their engagement.  However, buying the diamond ring has changed.  There are a plethora of diamond ring styles, many shapes of diamonds and too much information offered on the internet.

Now, the diamond ring purchase has become a task for the couple.  Both bride and groom search together or, sometimes the bride even finds her diamond ring design on her own.

Any way you do it, know Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com has a huge selection of all the latest diamond ring styles, traditional diamond rings styles, and can even create your diamond ring from scratch.

Since we manufacture all our pieces in house, we oversee your diamond ring from start to finish so you can be assured your diamond ring will be all you hoped for.


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