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Certified Diamonds in Houston
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Certified Diamonds in Houston in all shapes and sizes. Loose diamonds wholesale to the public at prices 50% - 70% below retail.  All  diamonds include a gemological insurance appraisal valued at the full retail price!

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Diamonds and Engagement Rings Inc. is a diamond importer now opening a showroom in Houston that will be open to the public.  We will be offering direct, wholesale prices on certified diamonds in Houston.

We guarantee the BEST VALUE in any shape, size or quality certified diamonds in Houston.
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Don't buy your diamond in Houston online - see your diamond in person before you purchase!

Once you've gotten this far you have already probably heard about the "4 C's" of diamonds.  Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut.    The sum of the 4 C's will ultimately determine the "5th C" ...Cost or Cash.  We will give you a brief overview to help you better choose a diamond that is right for you.  But keep in mind, we highly recommend you speak with one of our diamond experts to help you pick the certified diamond that is best for you and in your price range.

Don't let someone convince you that you need a particular quality.  Everybody has different needs and it is our commitment to find you the certified diamond in Houston that fits you best.

Diamond Carat Weight
  is most easy because it refers to the weight of the diamond measured in carats.  One carat is 0.2 grams. It takes almost 142 carats to equal 1 ounce. One carat has what we refer to as 100 "points."  Therefore, a quarter carat would weight 25 "points."  A half carat 50 "points."  And a three quarter carat 75 "points" and so on.
Diamond Color 
is what we refer to as the actual visible "tint" of the diamond.  The highest color and most rare is colorless.   Most diamonds sold in retail stores are near colorless to faint or light brown or yellow. There are even what as referred to as "fancy" colored diamonds such as blue, pink and red.  With the exception of the rare fancy colors, colorless diamonds command the highest prices.  The worldwide color scale, derived by GIA (The Gemological Institute of America), starts at D and goes through Z and beyond to the fancy and vivid colors.
Diamond Clarity 
  is the degree to which a diamond is free of blemishes and "inclusions."  Inclusions are internal "imperfections" in the diamond. Some inclusions are caused by conditions present when the diamond was formed, others during the cutting process. Since nature makes nothing absolutely pure or perfect those diamonds with few inclusions are rare and command a higher value or price.  The industry wide scale ranges from the low end of "gem quality" diamonds I3 to the best flawless.
 Diamond Cut 
refers not to the shape of the diamond but to the proportions to which the stone was polished.  This is a touchy subject because it is difficult to measure "brilliance" in a diamond.  However, there are several theories behind cutting the "ideal" diamond such as Tolkowski.  The AGS (American Gem Society), has come up with a "cut grade" with all their diamond reports.  Based upon this theory and others we can conclude that the best cut diamonds fall into a range.  AGS grades their perfectly cut diamonds 0 on a scale of 0 - 10.  AGS ideal 0 cuts are extremely rare and consequently will cost much more.   Very fine cut diamonds, AGS 1 and 2 grades,  are also rare but also exhibit extreme brilliance and provide a great value.
how to grade cut in a diamond

Call and speak with one of our diamond experts to help you choose the best certified diamond that is right for you.  Since we have a huge inventory of certified diamonds in Houston so we don't need to sell you a particular stone, we will help you choose the best certified diamond in Houston to fit your needs!


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