Become an affiliate and EARN MONEY!
Do you see yourself purchasing from  With our merchandise, service and prices others do too!  Many times it is just a matter of knowing the right company and where to go.  Pass on the word and you will be rewarded! You can refer your friends and potential customers and earn CASH!   We make it easy for you to help others choose the right ring and get the quality merchandise they deserve.  When either you or they place the order directly through us, you earn money, simple as that!
1. sign up with our affiliates program - you must be signed up to participate

2. place order - either you are they place the order directly through us.  Your affiliate number must be on the order

3. the order is shipped directly to the customer

4. after 10 days your commission is available and will be sent to you.

How does it work?
Your commission increases with each sale.  The first sale you will receive 5% of purchase price up to $100*.  On your second sale you will receive 5% of purchase up to $200*.  Only after your second sale can you collect your commission and  check will be sent directly to you.  
  From your third sale on you will receive straight 5%* and your check will be sent to you after each purchase is complete.  You no longer have to wait!
  For super affiliates with consistent sales, special programs will be implemented to suit individuals.  Special bonus and award programs will be available!  All affiliates will receive emails on special promotions deals, and opportunities.    
Commission Schedule
First sale 5% up to $100*

Second sale 5% up to $200*

Third sale and on 5% of purchase price*

*restrictions apply call and speak with an affiliates rep for details

Our guarantee
Our 10 day money back guarantee is carried right to the end customer.  If for any reason they are not completely  happy, send the piece back and we will return the complete purchase price, so you can order risk free!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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