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GIA diamonds
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GIA Diamonds

We are a direct diamonds importer and diamond wholesaler located in the diamond district of Los Angeles.  Our contracts with diamond cutters provide us with the largest selection and best GIA diamonds at rock bottom prices!  This enables us to sell GIA diamonds wholesale to retail jewelers and NOW to the public. We handle GIA diamonds in all shapes, sizes and qualities.  Many of our certificate diamonds are GIA certified diamonds and EGL certified diamonds.
If you have shopped for a GIA diamond at a retail jeweler you will be amazed at the markup retailers charge for GIA diamonds and the savings from buying from us!

GIA diamonds

Our goal is to make the diamond buying process simple and easy.  If you have questions or need advice call and speak with one of our GIA diamond experts. They can guide you to choosing the perfect diamond.  Once you have made your selection, we can mount your diamond in any of our diamond rings, solitaire settings, earring or pendant settings.
We guarantee the absolute best deal buying GIA diamonds!

What does a "GIA Certified Diamond" mean
   We at Diamonds-and-Engagement-Rings are 2nd generation diamond importers buying directly from the diamond cutters overseas.  When we buy diamonds they have not been submitted to a lab for quality analysis.  We choose the best stones in every shipment and send them to EGL or GIA for grading.  Then, we get receive the diamond back with a certificate stating the diamond quality.  This now means the diamond is "GIA diamond certified.

Why are all diamonds not "GIA Certified?"
The main reason all diamonds are not GIA certified is because of cost.  It may not be cost effective for us selling on short margins to pay for the certificate.  So less expensive diamonds (in may cases lower quality)  may not be "certified." However, anything can be GIA certified.  So if you choose to pay for it, you can have anything certified.  In general, only higher quality diamonds are certified.  That doesn't mean that a high quality diamond that is not GIA certified (or hasn't had the chance) is worth any less.

We offer GIA diamonds wholesale if you have any questions call and speak with one of our GIA diamond experts.


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